07 May

Newsletter 15

The final week of production, week 15 has come, and Prisoner’s Cinema team has achieved the goal that we have been aiming for in the scope of this semester. Beta-version of the game was released and became available for playtesters and the faculty. Besides ordinary playtests, we have arranged a closed beta-test – we made a spreadsheet for students to sign-up and then them sent the link to the latest build. We have also created an online questionnaire, so that we could get feedback from our players and use it for analyzing data and preparing for an upcoming final presentation. Another advantage of playtesting this way was letting people play at their own time and their preferred environment instead of being watched in a room full of people – we felt like this is a much better way to play our game, because it is a personal experience that requires some privacy.

Finally, this Sunday we have made a new trailer for Prisoner’s Cinema project and launched our game on Steam Greenlight! If you tell your friends about us and vote, we would really appreciate it. You can watch the new trailer right here too:

It has been a very productive semester, and our team has certainly learned a lot. We are very proud of what we have achieved, especially considering the time limitations and the fact that we are a team of only four people. The game still requires a lot of polishing to be presented to the broad audience and we will do our best to improve it this summer, but we are very pleased that we were able to finish all of the content and make it fully playable.

Prisoner’s Cinema team would like to thank you very much for staying with us during this semester, and for your genuine support. Follow our Steam Greenlight Page and Facebook group for the further news.

Have a great summer! =)

Sincerely yours,

Prisoner’s Cinema