28 Feb

Newsletter 6

Week 6 of our development was the one after Quarters. We demonstrated a prototype of our game with one playable quest during this first milestone, which was incredibly helpful – we received a lot of feedback from the faculty and got a much better understanding of the direction we should move in.

Since our presentation most of our time was dedicated to processing faculty’s comments and suggestions, and planning of the new sprint took a little longer than we expected, so it officially started on Wednesday. In return we were able to plan it in much more detail and to know very specifically what kind of emotions we want to evoke during the new scene how to achieve that.

We decided that before halves we will put have focus mostly on the beginning and the ending scene of the game. This week we started to work on the intro which happens in a dream environment and simultaneously introduces the player to the story of the game and serves as a tutorial.

One of the ideas that we decided to incorporate from the visual point of view is to use real videos of our actress instead of making a model and animations. Not only it saves a large amount time for our artist, but looks pretty:

Next week we will have our introduction ready for playtesting and we will look forward to hear from people about what they think and which emotions do they feel while playing.