07 Mar

Newsletter 8

Week 8 for Prisoner’s Cinema was incredibly busy. Not only it is the last week of the Intro scene development sprint, but there was a lot of work done as a result of the experimenting nature of our technology.

As for our regular process, Nathan’s primary task outside of filming process was working on the script and applying feedback he has received from the team and our outside sources. Also, we are still looking for an actor for our protagonist, but for now as a placeholder we decided to use Nathan’s voice, which they recorded with Arseniy in the sound booth.

Casey was finishing up the models of the environment and texturing it in a highly pleasing way, and you can see some of the results of his work on the screenshots from this newsletter.

a more casual screen shot

But besides our usual duties, this week our primary focus was on filming. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, in order to match our art-style the best and save time on modelling and animations, we decided to try a very daring approach of including characters in our game – to use footages of live actors inside the 3d environment.

 best screenshot

1 2

Although that potentially saves us an incredible amount of time, this was our first experience with implementing such an idea – a lot of lessons were learned and in future we are expecting to improve the process significantly. But on Tuesday we had a successful filming session with an actress (Laura Gray), after which the whole team was swamped with making this footage become a playable interactive experience. Alex and Arseniy were very busy with editing video and the sound, trying to find an optimal way to make this work, look and sound interesting and natural.

It was a very busy and productive time, and next week we are planning on concentrating on playtesting and preparation for GDC.