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The Team

Aditya Dave
Aditya was born in Ahmedabad, India. During his undergraduate studies in engineering, Aditya also discovered his creative soul and passion for communication and management. He received top honors in a Corporate Communication and Advertising diploma program and found his first job as a feature writer and executive member of the production team with the country's leading media house - The Times of India Group - which publishes the highest-selling English language newspaper in the world. Later, Aditya also worked as the Marketing Manager for a leading learning resource center: Endeavor Careers. However, Aditya felt he required a "transformation", that from a cog to a wheel. And shortly thereafter, he came across Carnegie Mellon's "graduate program for the left and right brain". Aditya feels extremely fortunate to be part of such a multi-cultural, multi-talented class at the ETC!

Nicole Epps
Nicole Epps is a life long Toys R Us kid. She enjoys cartoons, music, and generally anything that will make her laugh. Nicole is a graduate of Spelman College with a B.S. in computer science. She has interned at NASA Glenn Research Center for three summers and the Southwest Research Institute, and has interest in game design and programming. Her goals are to create games that will entertain and elevate women. She believes in freedom of creative expression, and for fun Nicole writes and performs poetry. Originally from Troy, Michigan, she has future aspirations of going to Japan and all over the world.

Peter Kavic
Hello! My name is Peter and I am here to learn. My educational background is diverse, encompassing Creative Writing, Comparative Religious Studies, Management and Public Policy. I have worked in a wide variety of fields and capacities over the years, including assistant managing a film festival, opening a Cyber Lounge, managing restaurants/coffeeshops, bartending, and not-for-profit freelance work to name a few. With strengths in management, I hope to both teach and learn in my time at the ETC. All of that, and have some fun in the process!

Michelle Pun
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada; I was driven by a childhood love of video games to study Visual Arts at York University where I specialized in sculpting and digital media. During my final undergraduate year, I worked on many multimedia installations and performances, including the York/Seneca synesthesia project MULTI. Despite my artistic background, I am often placed on the technology side of things, due to being one of the few students in my undergrad class who understood computer programming. After completing my BFA, I wanted to explore more possibilities where technology and art meet - and also find a place where video games and comics are not constantly derided as "low art". At the ETC I've already met many people who also walk both paths simultaneously and I look forward to sharing ideas with them!

Bimal Sadhwani
Bimal was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Ever since his childhood, he was fascinated by games especially the graphics. He still remembers his first game-on his very first console- the Nintendo. He spent hours at end trying to complete the game. He completed his undergrad in Computer Science in 2004.During these years, he become aware of the world of Virtual Reality and the amazing worlds that could be brought to life. Since then he knew he wanted to make it big in the field of animation and Virtual Reality. That's why to enhance his skill set he did a One Year Course in 3D Modeling and Animation using 3D Max and Maya. However, the opportunities for graduate studies in this area of specialization were a bare minimum back at home. He wants to make experiences in an interactive world worth living. That's why he's come to America to pursue his dream at the ETC.

Special Thanks to...
Our faculty advisors: Brenda Harger and Shirley Saldamarco
Our external artists: Mia Le, Steve Goldberg and Anthony Daniels