The Project

Challenges and Goals
Go to Emergent Readers

Emergent Readers

Engage emergent readers in an interactive reading experience independent of parental involvement.

Go to Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Utilize voice recognition to create a responsive reading experience.

Go to Framework


Create a framework to allow existing children’s books to be adapted quickly and easily into the experience.

Go to Connected TV Platform

Connected TV Platform

On EA’s Connected TV Platform.

Read is an ETC project working with EA's OCCO

Read’s challenge is to explore the use of voice recognition to engage emergent and early readers in an interactive reading activity on EA’s connected TV platform. The project is designed for a child to experience independently as a fun and educational alternative to TV and other entertainment options. Using existing children’s stories and art, we hope to create meaningful interactions and feedback to make once static scenes come to life. By using existing books and artwork we are also exploring how to create a framework which allows for any book to be adapted into a digital experience quickly and easily. Our goal is to inspire the next generation to embrace reading actively.



Wanyan (Aurora) Zheng

Programmer | Technical Artist

Chuan Zhou

Programmer | UI Artist

Mahardiansyah Kartika


Maoyang LI

Programmer | Internal Producer

Eric Tsai

Programmer | Experience Designer

Brentt Kasmiskie

Experience Designer | External Producer


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