Week 11 – Grinding the Gears

So this week our team is doubling down on efforts to crank out content. Unfortunately, the team has been running into several issues which have impeded progress. We worked hard this week to get some work done for a playtest on Friday. As we work towards that goal, a few issues have been raised. First, the web component of the game while finished, is only hosted on a local server on a laptop the team is using. Meaning that currently, you cannot log in from anywhere and access the web portion of the game. This means that in order to have a playtest, we have to have playtesters use only computers that have the server information installed. An inconvenience, but it doesn’t severely impact the information we can get from playtesting.

Art is currently working on building out the environment, and building the assets to make it look good. As they push forward, they are making solid progress in the building out of those assets. Programming is focusing on finishing up some of the movement controls of the character, making sure that the bless/curse mechanics are working, and figuring out the interactions we want the character to be able to do. Design has been working on a couple different things; for one, Tony has been working on building levels themselves. Looking at the layout and how the character can interact and move through the environment. He’s also planning out some information that he can use for the playtest, putting together questions and information he is hoping to get from the people who participate with our game as viewers.

As this week comes to a close, we continue to do our best to climb the mountain we have in front of us for the next couple weeks. We’re stretching ourselves as much as we can, and gearing up for the next two weeks as we prepare for soft opening.