Week 12: Unloading the Mill

So this week our team has been pressing to get stuff done for Friday. Friday is a big day for us because we’ll be showing our game to the client. We’re focusing on building out our first level and setting it up to be fully playable. The team’s heads are down as programming is getting all the gameplay worked out (and smacking bugs along the way). Art is building assets to put in the environment, and working on getting the landscape done so we have an island for our character to run around in. Design is working on building out some documentation describing the game and gameplay so we can fully explain how we envision it looking and feeling so we can share the vision of this team with the team in the fall. Overall, it is a very busy week as everyone works hard on the implementation of assets into the game itself. Getting past some of the issues with colliders, water systems, and unusual glitches are all things we’re working on solving in this week of development.