The Final Cuts

As we approach the end of the semester, things have been incredibly busy. With an intense focus on our project, there are a few things to catch up on.

From Softs to Finals
Softs went well for our project. We got some great feedback and questions from faculty on our project. After soft opening, we re-adjusted to work solely on the documentation for the remaining time. One of the things that was suggested to us was that we needed an in-depth design document laying out the remainder of the project for the fall team. Since softs Tony has been working diligently on expanding the document he’d started several weeks ago, to make sure it meets all the required needs. Guangya and Maya have been working with him to build out the final assets and concept pieces that will help complete the document.

For the programmers, we pretty much put a full stop to touching anything on the game side. Their focus is now on writing up documentation on Lumberyard for the fall team, as well as some points of feedback that we can hand off to Amazon on what it was like working on the engine as a small team. The stuff they are working on will give some good insight to the next team on the issues we faced, and how we overcame them. Since there’s a good chance the engine will be changed for the fall team, we want to make sure they can understand some of the decisions we made, and how we went about addressing the issues we ran into.

For myself, I’m busy doing several things. I’ve been going back and forth with our advisers on what our finals presentation will look like. So far we’ve exchanged several drafts, and have more to work on. Since our project is pre-production, we don’t have the same level of tech to show off that some other teams do, so we need to make sure we have a great presentation for finals so we can show off all of what we’ve done through the semester. We’re also running into the end-of-semester requirements for school. Since the team is focused on project documentation, I’m taking on writing things like our post-mortem, beginning to archive material, and prep for the spring showcase.

It’s a busy time for us as we wrap up the semester, with only a few days left before finals, we’re all doing our best to make sure we hand off the highest quality materials we can. It’s been an amazing semester, with lots of exploration and hurdles. It’s hard to believe we’re pushing through to the final steps of the project after working so hard for the past few months. Yet the end is already here.