1: Project Synopsis

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ETC & HCII Workshop

We’ve started the second semester of the ENGAGE project this week, and we’re already off to a busy and productive start. On Wednesday, we had a workshop with our HCII partners. This was a good opportunity for the teams to meet each other and explain their process in more depth. HCII provided us with specific topics and learning goals to tackle, which is great to have this early in the design phase. After the presentations, we split into small groups to brainstorm solutions to the types of challenges for this semester. This was a great session that created a lot of ideas and thoughts for us to think about and work from for our game.


John Balash: Artist

John is an alumnus of Notre Dame College, with degrees in education, fine art, and graphic design. After graduating, he taught creative computer applications for over five years at a private academy in Northeast Ohio. Always eager to learn and constantly surrounded by technology, he continues to forge a path between education and entertainment. With a diverse background of education and art, John hopes to develop entertainment that is engaging, meaningful, and progressive.


Nora Bastida: Programmer

I was born and raised in Bilbao, Spain. After school I decided to move to Madrid and study Computer Science. There I worked for three years in Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte, as a data analyst and IT auditor. The more I progressed in my career the more I missed a more creative environment and programming. In 2010 I decided to change profession and started a quest that has brought me to the ETC. I am still figuring out my role in the entertainment industry but I am sure that the ETC is the right place for me to fulfill my dream.


Chandana Bhargava: Artist/Co-Producer

In 2009, after the completion of her degree in Architecture, Chandana moved back to her hometown Indore, India. Eager to pursue her knowledge gained so far, she insisted on designing and developing a house for her parents. After successfully achieving that goal in a span of 14 months, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of building her own world. Inspired by the concepts of Randy Pausch, Chandana came to the Entertainment Technology Center to find her true identity. Being an Architect, she had a fair idea of Physical space and movement which has helped her innovate and improvise in the virtual 3D worlds. Being a part of the ETC, she hopes to be a better designer, 3D artist and a better team worker.


Sean Brice: Artist & Designer

My background is in digital art, specifically 3D asset creation for games. I also have 2D capabilities as well as design skills. For this project, I will be working out designs for our game experience as well as art creation, whether 2D or 3D. This will be a new experience for me, designing educational games so I’m really excited for what’s going to happen over the next 15 weeks!


Matt Champer: Artist & Designer

My expertise lies within level design, and we are hoping to utilize this when it comes to creating an expandable game. My background mostly consists of 2D and 3D art asset creation, as well as some design experience. For this project, I’m excited to utilize all my skills in creating a fun and inspiring educational game for kids. I’m looking forward to the next 15 weeks, and see great potential for the end-product.


Danny Hausmann: Producer

Danny grew up in the jungles of Venezuela, amidst waterfalls, fried corn cakes, and baboons. He was raised there until he was 8, whereupon he was taken to a region where bulletproof vests were not highly-recommended vestiges. In America he learned French. He also kindled an interest presentations of all forms: comedy, magic, dance, puppet, piano, and radio. He went to Brown University, majored in East Asian Studies, and worked at Google as a Learning Designer for 5 years before coming to the Entertainment Technology Center.

WeiWei Huo: Programmer

I have been a gamer since I was in elementary school. My favorite games include RPG, MMO, and casual games. After graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications majored in Electrical Engineering, I was determined to pursuing my studies in games, especially in programming. Then ETC website caught my attention at first sight, and led my way directly to Carnegie Mellon University. In ETC, I met lots of friends who love games and share experience with each other. Although my days here are not easy, but I am happy and excited by what I am doing. Besides games, I spent my spare time on music, cartoon, movies and playing basketball.


Xun Zhang: Programmer

Xun is a game lover since childhood. He majored in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics in Zhejiang University. During his undergraduate life, he spent lots of time in Computer Science and Game Development. He is quite interested in Machine Learning, Motion Control and enjoy creating new styles of game input.

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