Newsletter #1


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Project Overview

Spring Entertainment is an ETC project focused on creating interactive digital media experiences for the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania, which hosts a wide variety of clients year-round, including large numbers of vacationing families. The goal is to expand the wide array of activities already available at the resort into the digital sphere. This will help ensure that the interests of the 21st century digital native youngster are suitably addressed in the space, and will aid the resort in furthering its status as a popular destination where families and other groups can share fun, memorable experiences.

This Week

The Spring Entertainment team got off to a strong start with a team lunch to get to know each other, followed by our first faculty advisor meeting to talk about the goals for the project. We were advised to begin research with interactive museum exhibits like the work of Camille Utterback and Snibbe Interactive, and on top of this we’ve added some of our own research into past ETC projects, (a hub for themed entertainment), and more toy-like video games such as Double Fine’s Happy Action Theater. Today we took a trip to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to see their interactive exhibits in person.

Meanwhile, we’ve also begun creating media for our project such as posters and logos, and we’re setting up our kick-off meeting with the client which is likely to occur later next week at the Seven Springs resort itself. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to see the space where our work will be installed, and we’re excited about the semester ahead.