Newsletter #3


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Team Poster

Every project team has a poster to advertise the project and give a public face to the team. The poster has the name of the project, the names of the team members and faculty advisor, and a URL to the project website. We used a bright color scheme for our poster wherein blue, green, and yellow colors give a cheerful and pleasant feel. The poster has a wooden banner logo covered in snow which mirrors the Seven Springs Mountain Resort’s wooden interior.

Initial Design Proposals

On Wednesday we pitched five ideas to the client. These included:

1. Kinect experiences that would give resort guests fun interactions themed to Seven Springs. Some examples we pitched included rolling snow and assembling parts to build a snowman; playing fetch with the resort’s mascot, Seven, a springer spaniel; and interacting with a scene from each of the four seasons.

2. A custom snowman app for iOS or Android devices that allows player to raise and customize different snowmen and enter them as participants in a Seven Springs Ski Race to earn more money for customization.

3. An app or web-based game where people can manage their own virtual Seven Springs resort, buying and upgrading buildings to customize a map that resembles the actual Seven Springs.

4. A treasure hunting game to be played in the resort where guests can look for QR codes throughout the resort that trigger mini-games and short puzzles. After completing all the mini-games, guests would earn a treasure.

5. Seven Springs-themed games for the Jam-O-Drum such as a snowball fight attacking other players’ forts.

Honing in on a Direction

We are working with our client to help narrow down the target demographics and refine our design proposals into something both we and our client can be excited about and move forward with. Part of the problem is the wide variety of possible audiences that are all potentially valid, from families to kids, extreme snowboarders to more traditional skiers, but without much overlap between them. We need to pick one audience to serve and serve them well.

Currently, we are in the process of revising our design proposals that we pitched to our client this week, as well as coming up with some new ones. We hope to have something we can agree upon early next week so that we can get to work planning out our schedule for the rest of the semester and begin bringing our project to life!