Week 3

Data collection and research are the key words this week.  Jeremy has begun researching art styles as they relate to children in learning environments, and Elodie is becoming our expert in gif creation and text-to-speech programs, two things we feel we will need to complete this project.

At Makeshop Chris created a catalogue of tools and copied gigs of archived pictures to help populate the app.  Allison explored ways to photograph and record different tools, materials and processes.

All of this, of course, was to fuel the design that Glen, Xin and Chris are working on.  Our plan is to begin testing prototypes next week Wednesday.

Of course, Allison continued work on the branding of our project.  We have a solid first pass on our poster and half sheet, and the web page is all but designed.  Our team photo was taken Friday in the green screen room, and we hope to have it ready next week.