Week 6

Okay, we have a design, we know it drives the interaction we are looking for, and we have the support of our faculty and client.

Now all we have to do is build this thing and make it work.  Time to slip into production mode.

We spent the beginning of the week defining terms.  Elodie and Glenn, the back end programmers, began designing the database and quickly discovered that using MySQL, as we had first proposed, would cause some tough problems.  They have since moved on to a graph database structure, and have begun implementing it on our local server.

Front end began the week with the goal of creating a mock-up digital prototype to test out on Saturday.  Jeremy and Xin made a lot of headway, but due to illness we did not have something we could put into children’s hands on Saturday.  Instead, we did some more info gathering.  Xin and Allison surveyed parents about the types of touchscreen apps their children were using.  Meanwhile, Chris and Jeremy asked children of different ages to demonstrate different gestures on the iPad, including “swipe”, “pinch”, and “zoom”.

Meanwhile, both front end and back end are establishing how and what they will communicate to each other for each query.

Allison continues to look for a good design aesthetic.  She’s begun working on a mood board to display different looks for the app that can help us visualize the different looks she is talking about.  She is also trying to codify the way we take pictures in the app.