Week 8

This week production kicks into overdrive.

Glen and Elodie now have a working server, but it is still not completely optimized for our purposes.  The front end (being worked on by Xin) is not yet ready to interface with the server, so Glen, Elodie and Xin are in constant contact with each other making sure we add the hooks that will allow us to attach these two pieces together once they are ready.

Xin’s prototype continues to be improved.  One-item connections have been implemented and we understand how the multi-item connection works, but more work is needed on the two-item connection.

Chris continues to try and find a way to make this particular connection useful to children in Makeshop.  One particular playtest question really puts this problem into focus.  During the playtest, we show the child a 1-item connection and ask them to describe what the visuals mean.  Most children are able to articulate that the items all connect with the first item they chose, and can talk about the connections.

We then show them a 2-item connection and ask the same question about the visuals.  Most children cannot say what the chain of items is trying to show, or how the information could be useful to them.

Jeremy has begun researching how to use the iPad on-board camera.  One of the purposes of our app is to catalogue all the items in Makeshop, as well as all family projects built in Makeshop.  Jeremy will be responsible for writing the portion of the program that controls the camera and allows staff and families alike to fill in important information and help flesh out the database.

Allison continued working on the visual look of the game.  This week she has been focusing on how to visually illustrate the connections between items in the database, and has also begun working on the slide deck for our upcoming halves presentation.

Next week is Spring Break, but the team will be working through the week since most of us will be going to GDC during week 9.