Spring Break and Week 9

The entry this week covers the last two weeks, and for good reason.  The Game Developers Conference this year was March 17 through 21, and two thirds of our team were attending.  Spring Break was March 3 through 16, and though we were not required to continue working, we decided to as a team so we wouldn’t lose much time.

During spring break Xin, Elodie and Glen tried to integrate an early version of the 2-item connection into the app.  While Xin is responsible for the coding on the app itself, Glen and Elodie had to program the search function into the server as well.  However, there was a bug that we were unable to rectify before the weekend.

These three also got the app to connect to the server.  Before this point, our prototype housed a very small database locally.  Now it can access the server and store the database there.  The problem is that the database is completely empty right now, so Xin and Glen have also built the backend data entry portal which allows users to update the database.

Chris spent the week trying to complete the design doc without adding too many new features.  There’s a lot of work to still be done, and the halves presentation is right around the corner.

During week 9 Jeremy, Chris, Glen and Xin all attended GDC and were out for the week.  Elodie continued optimizing the server back in Pittsburgh.  Allison also continued iterating on our visual design.  On Friday, they both went to Makeshop to take videos and conduct interviews of staff and children.