Week 11

Work.  Continues.

Weeks 11 and 12 will constitute a sort of crunch for the team.  With the schedule we have laid out for ourselves, we want to be done with production by the beginning of week 13 so we can use 13, 14 and 15 for polish.  But that means work, and a lot of it.

Elodie and Glen did some massive server updates.  Elodie worked all week implementing a cache system for the server.  She did get the cache system up and running by Friday, but due to a communication error, Xin did not realize it had been implemented.  This will be important later.

Glen added several new back end functions that improve the communication time between app and server.  He also built a prototype text to speech wrapper for us to later implement in the app.

Xin wrapped up the work on the 2-item connection.  While it is not finished, it is working and ready to be iterated on.  He also added the multi-item connection, which works like a charm.  And because he believes sleep is for the weak, he also added the info page functionality which allows users to expand any item to read more about it.

Jeremy also stayed busy this week; he wrote and finalized the majority of the photography system and began work clearing up all the bugs in the data entry system, making it possible for Chris to finish the data entry and begin working on data management.

We gathered on Sunday for our playtest.  Because we weren’t sure until the end of the week that we would be accessing the server (instead of our prototype “on-board” server mock up) we hadn’t been testing with the server build.  Since we had populated the database we decided to test the server accessing version.  However, since Xin didn’t realize the cache system had been added, the front end didn’t know how to deal with the information it was getting from the back end.

Of course, all we could see was that the app wouldn’t work.  We didn’t discover the reason until later that evening.  Unfortunately, we canceled the playtest, rescheduling for Wednesday.