Project Skyrates

Skyrates ('skI-r&ts) is a game design and development project exploring different types of game play and multiple platform access points to a single, persistent, world.

In Skyrates we are experimenting with sporadic play. A good way to think of your interaction with the game is much like checking your email, a few minutes here and there spread through out your entire day. You forgo the ability to play for hours at once to play instead all day long, having only to check in periodically.

We also set out to define keyhole game play across several platforms. In a keyhole game both the world and the players understanding of it can be quite complex, but the interaction is rather narrow. An example of this would be the stock market, which is incredibly complicated, but your choices are buying and selling (generally speaking).

Skyrates is in development for several platforms. Working prototypes include Flash on the web, Google Desktop Sidebar, AOL Instant Messenger, SMS, and mobile phones.

Please explore further if you're interested, and if you'd like to join in and play, head over to the "Play!" Section and click "Signup".

Thanks for visiting, if you have any question about our concept, team, or how to get started playing please email

-Jeremy, Chuck, Clay, Seth