Playtesting Skyrates!

We are always looking for new adventurers. So use the buttons at the top. All you need to do is signup, and then you can use the client and your new login info.

Round 5 has started! Get in there and mix it up guys. And don't worry about being late. Your squadron will agree, better late than never! Good luck Sky Pirates.

Oh, and you'll need flash player (though if you see the menu above, you probably already have it). You can download flash from macromedia.

If you don't mind, please use your real name and an e-mail you check so that we can send you info if need be. Rest assured it's safe with us, and we won't be selling it or anything.

We're also open to suggestions, and as this is in... err, pre-beta, there are plenty of bugs to be fixed. So, feel free to contact us at our e-mail:

skyratesbeta at