By this week we have a very basic implementation of attack and shooting though we aren’t finished with syncing data across devices. With a lack of network programming experience of our programmers, it has been a long debugging and problem solving state while integrating functions on network.

We started the semester by developing prototypes and did not work on networking prior to this. We are steadily making things work well with each other but it has been taking an unexpected amount of time to solve network sync bugs.

We have a lot of features already decided and play-tested by our designers but we are need to develop features quickly so we can test them out and balance them well.

This week we also had our play-test day. We did not have a feature ready game to play-test so we had players play-test a paper prototype of our game and also showed them work in progress elements of our game-play. We definitely got some helpful and constructive feedback that will help us with balancing and also designing our AR features. We also do realize that we need to improve our development pipeline so we can reach deadlines on time.