We have had massive progress and re-haul of the game since the past week considering features and the UI of the game. We integrated all the newer UI elements made by our UI designer by adapting to our new pipeline and rewrote the UI manager to be one single script that manages all the UI elements of the game. Big thanks to our designers for helping us redesign the game features within our scope which will help us create a fun and playable experience with a lot of strategic elements.

Our game is getting closer to our intended state but we still need to fix some network bugs with a lot of features we have added over the past two weeks. The newer features have been developed by keeping in mind our scope and integration ease.

For our soft opening we had faculty come in and try out our game. We got quite helpful feedback from the faculty regarding action feedback. We were not feature complete as we lacked some stability with attacking and defending and that is also what some of our feedback was.

After softs, we worked on new feature integration. We plan to have a tournament next week with students and faculty from the ETC who would be playing the game. We are confident about completing the game features by then and start adding in the effects and final polish to the game UI/UX flow.