Newsletter Week 4

Our week In Recall

This week was all about getting work down and building as many tests as possible. Our goal is to go into Quarters next week with as many completed deliverables as possible. We’ve decided to end the testing phase of our project one week after Quartersso we moving faster than we originally planned. The beginning of the week saw our first ever testing session and by the end of the week we had enough tests completed to start planning another. In addition we finished setting up control schemes that will act as starting blocks for the next couple groups of tests. Last week we completely planned out the first half of our semester; this week we made major progress towards that plan.

What we Accomplished

On Sunday we had our first major testing day. We had ten people come in and try each of our Gesture Tests. Some of our inital observations include: moving the camera in small way does not cause discomfort, and it is possible to make small manuevers using the Oculus’s orientation tracking. After the testing was over we turned to our two main tasks for the week. Tushar and Frank were focusing on creating basic control schemes that would be used throughout the semester. Throughout the week they created five different schemes including one that works with an X-box 360 controller and one that works with the Razer Hydra motion controller. Meanwhile Austin and Alex were working on the next set of tests. Each of these tests had to do with analyzing compatible forms of art on the Oculus. We are aware that certain colors and certain textures can exacerbate the simulator sickness that sometimes occurs when using the Oculus and so we created tests to check for which colors were problematic. Likewise, fonts and text placement is a recurring problem for designers when developing for the Oculus, so we created tests to learn more about the affordances of the device in regards to those two areas.


Example of our font test.

What’s Next

We plan to hold a second testing session on Sunday, with a third on Tuesday so that we can invite some faculty members. Beyond testing we will begin working a set of tests that focuses on control variations.

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