Newsletter Week 6

Our week In Recall

The week of the great transition. Around week 3 we decided that after quarters we would spend one week finishing up any leftover tests and move on to prototypes. Quarters was week 5 and so this week, week 6 was our final week for testing. It ended up being a perfect week to transition. We spent most of the week focused on finishing up our last few tests and getting them ready for users. But we also ended up working on two prototypes, planning a conference visit, and presenting to two groups of visitors.

What we Accomplished

The last of our tests are finished. Our last categories were called Control Variation Tests and Motion Tests. The former included a 180-Degree Spin test, a Sensitivity test, and an Axis Inversion test. These were tested on Friday, while the latter catagory will be tested over the next few weeks as they take far more time to complete.

oculus 2013-10-04 20-55-29-81

Our 180-Degree Test, users will have to find the ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ boxes after the camera turns completely around.


Rocket_Inverted 2013-10-04 20-55-06-12

Our Inverted Y-Axis test. Users will have to navigate two similar tunnels, one with normal controls, the other with an inverted y-axis.


The tests were only a small part of our week. The rest of the time we spent working out what we wanted our first prototype to be. So far that looks to be a toss up between our 3rd-Person rig, and a Basketball game. Alex spent all Wednesday researching ways to create a backpack rig to hold a camera behind someone and Tushar worked on the Basketball on Friday so they could have something to show in Austin. Speaking of which, that was the third focus of this week. Project Spearhead is going to Captivate. We planned our trip and are leaving early Saturday morning to spend three days at the Captivate conference in Austin, Texas. Stay tuned to our website, we’ll be updating with pictures from our trip.

What’s Next

In the short term we’re focused on the Captivate Conference and getting as much as we can from that. We’re bringing an Oculus with us and will try to showcase as much of our work as possible.

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