Newsletter Week 8

Our week In Recall

Week 8 was dedicated to refining our firsts two prototypes: 3rd Person Rig and Space Bball and preparing for our ‘Halves’ presentation to the faculty. Halves’ is requirement of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), we present the progress and findings of our project to the ETC faculty along with our plan for the rest of the semester.

What we Accomplished

The greatest thing we accomplished was building the backpack rig fro the 3rd Person Rig and organizing our presentation for halves. This has been a tough week fro the team but we are confident that we are progressing at a good pace. We are also learning many new things about the limitation of the Occulus Rift.

You may view out halves presentation through the Youtube link above. The presentation took place Monday of Week 9. Feedback is discussed in Newsletter Week 9

What’s Next

Once Halves prepearation is over we will continue to brainstorm our next prototypes and finialize our first two prototypes: 3rd Person Rig and Space Bball.

PS_Newsletter_Week 8