Newsletter Week 11

Our week In Recall

This is our 11th week working on Project Spearhead and the second week working on prototypes 3 and 4. Our main focus this week was to finish our current prototypes. Our constant secondary focus was to continue our documentation and work towards getting our deliverables out to the public.

What we Accomplished

When we began this week we had very rough mock ups of Prototypes 3 and 4. In regards to ‘Werewolves and Vampires’ (now officially ‘Rift Swarm’) we had the stage, the main tower, and the laser in place. Since then we’ve created models and textures for four difference enemies and three different towers. Each of those were also given different properties and balanced in relation to each other.


Our four different enemy units.






In addition, we added a system for lives, the path finding system for the enemies, and created a logic system for spawning the enemy units. Lastly, as part of our polishing we created sounds for the weapons firing, titles screens, and particle effects for the enemies and main laser.


The two title screens for our prototypes.


Regarding ‘Headless Horseman’, last week we were able to control a 3D character and move the camera with a PS Move controller. This week we’ve refined the movement of the head (in-game camera) to allow for a greater range of motion and we’ve added the ability to throw your head around the level and recall it back to your head. Once this ability was in play we added a accuracy meter that allowed you to control exactly where you were throwing your head. From there we concentrated on creating a single level that pushed you to utilize both of these mechanics. For instance, in order to pass through a door, you have to toss your head onto one button,
turn around, and guide your body onto another button, then the door will open.

The last thing we accomplished was to submit our project to the IEEEVR 2014 conference to give a tutorial on Experimental Game Design for the Oculus Rift. We should hear back from them by the end of the month.

What’s Next

The next step is to keep pushing on. We will begin brainstorming for our next two prototypes and then start working on them. In addition, we are compiling our data and conclusions and looking for places to showcase our work.

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