Newsletter Week 12

Our week In Recall

This is the 12th week of the project and we just finished wrapping up prototypes 3 and 4. Our main focus this week was to balance numbers in Rift Swarm and add more levels to Headless Horseman. We also began brainstorming for next two prototypes

What we Accomplished

Rift Swarm was in a state where all the mechanics were done but a lot of numbers needed to be balanced. The laser was doing too much damage thereby making the turrets and walls somewhat useless. So it was essential to spend time and balance out those values. Next step was to add sound effects and music to the experience. Sound effects were crucial for the experience, as they mentioned where the enemies were getting spawned. With these changes in place, we were successful in creating a “poor man’s holodeck” world and finally wrapped up Rift Swarm.


Rift Swarm

Headless Horseman got trickier levels dealing with visibility and navigating the body. The overall game was also shortened and fine tuned in order to produce a strong interest curve.


Headless Horseman Puzzle layout

The rest of the week was spent brainstorming for the next two prototypes. We knew that we wanted to make one futuristic prototype which uses the position tracking feature. We wanted to understand how this would impact designing for the oculus rift. We also wanted to incorporate the Razer Hydra in a meaningful way. One of our biggest challenges was to think simple because documenting for softs was also on our timeline for the next week.

What’s Next

The next step is to figure out game design elements for the position tracking prototype and a simple design for the Razer Hydra game. In addition documentation is going on for softs.

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