Newsletter Week 13

Our week In Recall

Week 13 was a crunch week for Project Spearhead. In this week our objectives were to progress in prototypes 5 and 6, complete our documentation, and prepare for softs.

What we Accomplished

The prototype code named “Rift and the Bees” has been given a Wall Street theme. In this game you will collect coins and dodge gavels as you try to collect the most money in two minutes. Our gameplay explores features such as using a monitor with the Oculus Rift as a second screen, treating the Oculus Rift as a game object and, position tracking of the Oculus Rift. We chose these features because we believe that they are likely to become common mechanics in future games.

The other current prototype is codenamed “Rift in the Wall”. We hit our stride this week in the direction of the game. We decided focus gameplay off of a more developed version of the rocket inverted controls test. In “Rift in the Wall” Players will be forced to navigate a course of Obstacles as they continue to speed up. The player can grow, shrink, or rotate their avatar using the Razer Hydra, while they control their direction with the rotations of the Oculus Rift.


Austin Testing Prototype 6

Along with our prototypes, we completed our Softs preparation and finalized the documentation covering our tests. Our document is 48 pages long and discusses our data collected, our hypotheses and our conclusions. In preparation for Softs, we began packaging our tests and prototypes into videos for our team promo and the beginning of our Softs presentation.


Frank Testing Riftdaq

What’s Next

Next week, Softs and Thanksgiving will take up most of our week, but we plan on beginning the process of polishing our prototypes and creating our ETC exhibit.

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