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A View Into Fairy World

For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to visit Fairy World, we’ve created a little video to show you what it looks like!

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Starscape Informational Videos

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are our end-of-semester documentation videos. Things are changing every day, getting better and better, so some of the footage is already a little bit outdated, but the information remains the same. Let us know what … Continue reading

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Installation Video from Finals

Yesterday was our final presentation for school, which would normally mean that we’ve finished up our semester. With an install project, of course, that’s never the case. Along with a Skype presentation, we were given permission to show a short … Continue reading

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Halves Presentations

Please enjoy the video recording of our half-semester presentations!

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Technology Milestones

Our very own Matt Stewart and Anthony Palma have been performing inception: putting the physical world (the star) made digital (a camera feed) inside a virtual world (on the iPad) all held by a guest in the physical world! Whew! … Continue reading

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Developing Art Style

The story and experience discussions are wrapping up, having reached a point where asset lists can be handed off for rendering and interpertation. Above and to the left are images depicting a visitor’s experience visiting the tower and navigating the … Continue reading

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