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Paper Prototypes

Dani and Rebecca have been working to develop the user interface that allows the volunteers to easily place the stars in the tower and focus the live camera feeds in the appropriate location. This week they produced paper prototypes of … Continue reading

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Developing Art Style

The story and experience discussions are wrapping up, having reached a point where asset lists can be handed off for rendering and interpertation. Above and to the left are images depicting a visitor’s experience visiting the tower and navigating the … Continue reading

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Some Early Concept Art

Here are some teasers for what we have in the works! Some concept art of the Fairy World, tower star fills and iPad casing. We know there’s something magical hiding just beyond the walls, now we just have to discover … Continue reading

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Preparing for Quarters

We’ve been busy here at Starscape! Our quarter walk-arounds were this past Wednesday, which means that we were given the opportunity to host faculty, staff and visitors to get a wide variety of input and opinions on our project. Our … Continue reading

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Orlando, Day 3 (Jan 30)

Our final day in Florida (for now!) was spent volunteering at Give Kids the World. We were put to work in all areas of the resort: We fixed software, cleaned machines, blew up balloons, hung decorations and even tried our … Continue reading

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Orlando, Day 2 (Jan 29)

Our second day in Orlando was another early start, but this time instead of an airport we were making our way to a theme park! We are designing a magical experience for children and families that takes place in an … Continue reading

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Orlando, Day 1 (Jan 28)

Project Starscape goes to Orlando! Day 1, in which we hang out with ITEC, see the build site and have some travel surprises. Continue reading

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