The Star Tower Rises

We’ve been busy here at Starscape, with members traveling to attending GDC (San Fransisco), SXSW (Austin) and the TEA Summit (Los Angeles). For most of us, Spring Break was anything but a break, but we’re jumping right back into the project after some nice weather and inspiring talks. This morning we managed to buy the very last iPad 2 in Pittsburgh — keep your eyes peeled for a tech update and demo video! — and we’re gearing up for our half-semester presentations on Friday afternoon.

Our partners out in Orlando have also been extremely busy, building an entire Star Tower! When we last posted about the Tower’s progress, you may remember, there was little more than a hole in the ground.

Jerry over at ITEC has been kind enough to send us updates and photos to keep us clued into the progress. As of this morning we’ve been notified that the shell is complete and they will begin applying the exterior stucco finish. We can’t wait to see a photo of the completed tower, but we’re even more excited to visit it in person when we go to install our finished product! In the meantime, enjoy some of the process photos:

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