Playtest Summary

Dani wrote up a summary of our first playtest, just in time for our second! We’ll be at the Museum again tomorrow from 11-4 and we’d love if some familiar faces were able to visit!

Playtest 4/2: Summary

Number of playtests: ~ 60
Age Range: 2-33
Avg. Age: ~ 7 yrs
# Boys: ~ 26
# Girls: ~ 34


  1. when little boy played– touch flipped view around
  2. server failed, had to restart
  3. sent 2 cues together– moon and end show
  4. managed to switch to TRAX game in the middle of experience

Most common favorites:

  • mouse
  • moon
  • pirate ship

commonalities: all had interactions and feedback

Most common least favorites:

  • Troll (mostly because it didn’t speak or do anything when clicked on)
  • Anything that didn’t respond when clicked (pirate ship and moon when they didn’t work)

Other random side-notes:

  • The troll is named ‘Peter’
  • There should be pie

Great collaborative experience.  Children knew how to share the screen– one child would hold it, one would follow and help touch things in the world.  Parents were also a great source of guidance– they would ask the kids what they saw in the world, what they could find, etc.

Many kids, usually older…and often boys, approached the world as a game.  They wanted to know the ‘point’ and they also really wanted to kill the troll.

The most important thing we learned was that once kids learn they can touch stuff on the screen, they will try to touch EVERYTHING. So have as many interactive elements as possible, even if its just a sound clip.

Very successful playtest! The kids really seemed to enjoy it and many of them asked where and when they could get it.

Favorite Quote:

“What’s so great about this is that it’s like you’re looking at something that’s really there–but you need this special lens to see it.”

–Angela, age 28

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