Florida, Here We Come!

As I type this, I am sitting in Cassandra’s living room while she searches for sunscreen and debates the appropriate number of shoes to bring: will she need heavy duty sneakers for install days, as we move around our server and work with the show-control system integration? She needs dressy shoes for the black-tie fundraiser gala, of course. And it’s Florida, so sandals are a must for the hot weather…. There’s an awful lot to consider when eight people take over a tower for two weeks! There are playtests to do, tweaks to be made, presentations on the 25th anniversary, the official tower opening ceremony, documenting everything, training volunteers, plus our Finals presentation to film AND Skype in for! And THEN, when we get back to Pittsburgh, it’s almost immediately off to Heinz Field for graduation to wish Tom, Katherine and all of our other friends well. Whew! I guess I better remind her to pack a camera, too!

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