Big Photo Post! Tower Opening, Marty Sklar, the Case, and More!

This is going to be a photo-heavy post, so let’s get started!

Designed by our very own Katherine and fabricated by Freeland Studios Inc, here’s a look at the current iPad cases. There will be some adjustments made to the final cases, to ensure they’ll survive years and years of use at the Village.

The team is heading back to Pittsburgh today and tomorrow, so it was vital that we train the staff and volunteers on how to run the experience, register the stars, place the stars and troubleshoot any problems.

We had several very special guests come visit us as we prepared for opening, including the legendary Marty Sklar!

As night fell, we were able to finalize all of the registration / home star positions and final camera calibration.

The Village chose 4-year-old Sophie as the first Wish Child to have her star placed in the Tower. On Thursday, she left her star for the Fairy, who put it into her night sky. She also asked Matt to help her place it in the Tower.

This morning, after a dedication ceremony, Sophie was able to visit the Fairy World and see her star!

After Sophie finished, everybody else was invited into the Tower to visit Fairy World, too. Henri Landwirth, founder, and Alyssa Pietruszka, former Wish Child, got a peek at it, along with numerous families, volunteers and charitable donors.

An awful lot has happened, and we still have the Give Kids the World Black & White Gala to attend this evening. In the coming weeks we’ll also be making an appearance in an installment of Orlando Attractions Magazine online series. Plus, tomorrow Tom and Katherine will be graduating with their Masters of Entertainment Technology! We will, of course, be posting more video, photos and updates as we’re able to.

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