Meet the Team!

Rebecca, Matt, Tom, Hyemi, Anthony, Dani, Katherine and Cassandra

Anthony Palma Cassandra Ichniowski Dani Belko Hyemi Do
Katherine Rubenstein Matt Stewart
Rebecca Grabman
Tom Corbett


Anthony Palma
iPad Programmer

Anthony attended West Virginia University for his undergraduate degrees, majoring in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering to explore the hardware and software sides of development. Once he knew his true calling was in interactive entertainment development, he immediately applied and came to the Entertainment Technology Center straight from his undergraduate studies. Anthony is currently honing his game programming skills as well as learning the art of game design during his second semester here at the ETC. He spent his summer between schools designing and programming iPhone games for LeftRight Studios, a start-up company here in Pittsburgh. He hopes to obtain an internship at a major interactive entertainment company this coming summer so that he can decide what type of company is right for him in the future. He couldn’t feel luckier or be happier than he is here at the ETC.


Cassandra Ichniowski
Show Control Programmer, Story Designer

Through her interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Digital Media Design at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering, Cassandra studied computer graphics from computer science and fine art perspectives and as well as theatre theory and production. In all of her extracurricular time, she contributed to a host of student-produced theatre productions in roles from performer to director, choreographer to costume designer. She is very interested in the intersection of performance and technology, particularly as a venue for large-scale interactive environments. Using her background in computer science, design, art, and theatre, Cassandra aims to continue creating immersive, interactive environments. She is interested in the potential of using computer vision and graphics elements with physical constructions and live performance to create experiences with high levels of autonomy, response and immersion for the audience.


Dani Belko
Co-Producer, Sound Designer

Dani graduated from Boston College where she integrated her love for languages and problem solving with a degree in Linguistics. This degree and the focus on language and communication led her to study in Italy, complete a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan, and work and travel across Australia. Her coursework and studies abroad have fueled a desire to design and create cross-cultural collaborative projects. She is interested in interactive experiences and themed entertainment that can transcend language and cultural boundaries.


Hyemi Do
Artist, Asset Design, Poster and Website Design

Hyemi graduated Shungshin Women’s University in Korea. Her major was Media Information. With a belief that sensitivity infused with sense results in actually moving someone’s feelings, she studied overall web planning systematically and professionally. During her undergraduate years, she had many opportunities to participate in diverse inter-disciplinary team projects as contents designer and 2D designer. She participated in a year-long edutainment project which creating e-book content for kids. From that experience she found her interests in edutainment and UI design.

After entering the ETC she broaden her interest from web to location based entertainment. She found out that she wants to create experience which moves someone’s heart. In order to move people genuinely, she will always pursue new things but simultaneously put herself in a user’s shoes and take only a half step forward in order to avoid excess. In the future time, she is looking for a chance to work in the themed entertainment industry as an experience designer.


Katherine Rubenstein
Concept Artist, Asset Integration into Unity 3D

Katherine graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. With the concept focused program she worked to develop interesting ways of visual communication while developing her skills in both traditional and digital media. Her skills include Painting and drawing (both traditional and digital), 3D animation, graphics design, metal casting, and sculpture. Katherine Is now using her skills to work as an experience designer and concept artist at the ETC.


Matthew Stewart
Hardware Engineer, Initial Camera Set-up / Interface Programming, Asset Animation

Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic State University. His mechanical skills were forged by a foundation in theory, and solidified with collaborative projects and lab work. Embracing a passion for analysis and machining has led to the actualization of projects including a recumbent bicycle and an automated machine. When searching for ways to further his education, he only had to let his childhood inspiration of theme parks lead the way. Having grown up in Southern California, he had a diverse range of venues to draw experience from. He decided to pursue a degree granted by the Entertainment Technology Center that could provide a complimentary skill set to his technical background.


Rebecca Grabman
Artist, Asset Design, Website Maintenance, Video Documentation

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bennington College, where the school’s self-directed learning model allowed her to take a broad range of classes organized around the theme of interactive storytelling. With a background in graphic, digital and theater arts, she is constantly searching for ways to integrate the beauty of technology into everyday life, through the design of objects and locations.


Tom Corbett
Co-Producer, Database and Volunteer UI

Tom holds two degrees from Virginia Tech, a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Science in Architecture concentrated on 3D programming. While there his hobbies included music and theater, and since graduating he has worked in the architecture, distance learning, and video-game industries. Most recently, he founded Derivative Digital Studios, a 3D animation studio in Pittsburgh specializing in architectural flythroughs, product visualization, and medical animation. Tom skills include design, 3D modeling, web development, and project coordination, and his interests include experience design as well as figuring out how things work and then trying to find out what else they can do.