Week Fifteen Newsletter

Project: Take Shape
Week Fifteen Newsletter

Week Fifteen: Prep for Finals

So here we are, together, in our final week of the semester with one play test left to come and four days to prepare. With the tetrahedron finished, the code debugged and the UI boasting its most recent revision of particle systems, the Take Shape team is full of confidence moving toward the end. Cable management has been completed giving the underbelly a polished look to match that of the dash panel. Our cooling fans, computer and USB Hubs have all been installed and tidied up to keep a clean, organized look for the interior of our machine. Final documentation is being produced this week that will provide the necessary information to allow the museum staff to correctly operate and maintain the program day to day. Instructions on cleaning and maintenance are also included to ensure the longevity of the machine overall.

Cable Management

Toward the end of the semester the focus shifts toward collecting and collating all of our documentation we have produced throughout the semester. This includes anything from web content and photos, design documents, meeting notes, feedback forms, outsourced work, design schematics and much more. We are also responsible for drafting a post mortem the highlights the entire process, start to finish, and any changes along the way that we faced and were able to overcome.

Computer Installed

Aside from a full hand off to our client some of the original Take Shape members will be carrying the project forward in independent study courses to develop a business plan, market and sell our machine to museums around the country. It has been a successful semester but we truly believe that the Take Shape machine is in its infancy and has much more development to come in the future.

Final Build