Team Project Xense


Albert Gea

Producer / 游侠 “Wandering Swordsman”

Albert Gea completed his Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study at New York University’s Gallatin School.  His custom major included courses in the history & philosophy of science, math, programming, motion capture, economics, etc.  While at NYU, exposure to film projects catalyzed his excitement for the microcosm of people and technology that work behind-the-scenes to create entertainment.  That passion has led him to Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology program where he hopes to develop the skills to become a proficient producer.  In that regard, he is also very excited about the TATRC project:  The current and increasing collaboration between medical scientists and entertainment technologists will spur the creation of new visualizations, simulations, and interfaces.

Anabelle Lee

2D Artist & Writer / Hooligan

Anabelle Lee is a graduate student at the ETC aiming to be a videogame writer. After acquiring an undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University double majoring in Professional and Creative Writing, along with some experience in Communication Design, she decided that trying to burrow into the videogame industry might be more exciting that becoming a starving writer. She loves videogames (first-person shooters and action-adventure games in particular) and comics and very trashy (and/or violent) B-movies, and very much enjoys the futuristic vibe of the TATRC project. She also thinks writing in third-person is kind of cumbersome, but then again it’s the social convention so there’s nothing much to do about it. And so it goes.

Elwin Lee

Interaction Designer & Film Artist / Zombie

Elwin was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology with focus on designing interactive products and systems by combining technology and design. He has worked on various projects from designing innovative lighting concepts to research oriented design cases. Throughout the years, he has traveled around the world to explore different cultures, try their local cuisines and worked in countries such as Japan and New Zealand to gain international experience and multidisciplinary skills. Elwin is currently pursuing a degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon where he loves to get involved with interaction design, game development and location based entertainment. As a designer, he strives for meaningful design that matters, interactions that are simple yet complex and versatile, and creating designs to enrich your experiences.

Arvind Kumar

3D Artist & Game Designer / Dalai Lama

Arvind came to the ETC in 2010 to pursue his masters with a view of entertainment technology as an interactive art form. His perception is rooted in the combination of undergraduate major in Information Technology and his interest in creating traditional and digital art. His experience covers a wide range of roles which include organizing events, playing live music, analyzing data for huge multinational corporations, traveling, programming and making art, but his primary focus lies in the role of a technical artist for games. Always interested in challenging himself in new fields, he is also practicing his game design skills as a designer in TATRC – and being a huge proponent of theme and story, Arvind aims to create an engaging experience for the project demographic.

David Francus

Hardware & Systems Integrator / Neuromancer

David is the class of 2012’s resident (mad)scientist. During his undergraduate career, he studied technology-driven art as well as biology. He makes holograms, shapes molten glass, works with lasers and intelligent lighting, writes music, does PCB layouts and circuit design, is an entomologist, performer, and writes the odd bit of code here and there. David has also worked with various bands across the United States and UK as a laser show technician. He is passionate about using technology to enhance live events.

Zeina Tasar

Programmer / Warrior Princess

Zeina(Zeynep) was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from University of Michigan, she completed her major under Computer Science and also studied Japanese. To study more her career interest, Game Development, she joined to Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) in 2010. Throughout her academic life she has worked on several small game projects and tool development. In her current Master’s Degree, she has worked, as a lead programmer, on ETC-Disney Interactive collaborated game engine, Panda3D’s Level Editor. She completed her third semester of her Master’s in Japan and worked in Oceanus 3 project for Yeosu World Expo 2012. Following her goals on being part of Japanese Game Development Industry, she interned in Bandai Namco Games (Japan). As a person who likes to try new things and challenge herself, Zeina is currently working for the Local Based Entertainment project, TATRC.


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