(By Ruchi Hendre/03282020)

Work Done This Week

This week we implemented a VR system for playtesting at the ETC playtest. We also had the process grades discussion with our faculty instructors. And came up with a timeline to complete and review our pending tasks.

PlayTesting Through VR

The first build of playtesting through VR is ready, this build simulates the Kenner room beautifully and is planned to be used so that there is continuous iteration over our interaction pattern.

Here is a video showing the prototype on VR build.


Documentation and deadlines are our biggest challenge right now. Communicating effectively is important and then sticking to the deadlines is also important.

Changes Made

Deadlines have been put in for individual tasks on trello board, Documentation is being done through Design and Tech Manual which are a part of our deliverables to our client.

Plan for Next Week

Backend editor should be ready to test by next week and the VR Playtest build will be on it’s next iteration.



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