Issue #11: Interface and Flowcharts


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User Interface and Voiceovers

We’ve been busy this week re-working our user interface to make our game more intuitive and clear for our players. By default, the player can always add rocks to the beam. If they have the removal tool (the hammer), then they can remove rocks. The cursor will change on hover based on whether the player can add or remove rocks. We’ve also implemented signs that flash above the player, telling them whose turn it is, rather than relying on the arrows from our previous builds. Our tutorial has also been updated and made larger, awaiting implementation. Elements of our game will also have voiceover support to help the child progress without having to read.

Inquiry Flowcharts

Our TA-2 team has provided us with flowcharts for how the inquiry interaction with SEL should flow in our game. During the inquiry cycle, if the 2nd character picks a different answer than the player, they are prompted with different answer choices to facilitate discussion, or to cut the vines and test the situation. After a few inquiry cycles, the player is prompted to review the answers, and then say whether or not the hypothesis from the game is valid or invalid. We’re working with TA-2 in order to keep the education validity of the process, while reducing the repetitive action the player would have to undertake.

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