Issue #12: Playtesting & Game Updates


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With Soft Opening approaching, we are testing our game as much as possible and making adjustments based on the testing results. On Tuesday, we tested at the Children’s School with three kids. From this test, we found that the game levels themselves work fairly well with kids and they seem to enjoy playing. One of the players was a bit confused about passing/asking for the hammer, so we’ve made it more clear in the game how the player can do it as well as adjusting the clickable area that the player can use to perform those tasks.  Due to our demographic’s age, it seems that right click is an inevitable action, even if it is done accidentally. Right-clicking in a web based game could completely take a player out of the experience, so we’d made it that right click functions the same as left click, preventing this problem from occurring. An area that still needs polish is the inquiry section of the game. The testers did not really understand what was happening, and just wanted to click as soon as they could. To prevent this, we’re making it so that the player can not make their prediction until all of the possible answers have been shown. We also made inquiry a challenge from the villain, rather than a random game interruption so that the kids feel like it’s part of the story/game experience. We’ll have another playtest tomorrow at the Children’s Museum, which will hopefully get us a larger set of playtesters so we can get an accurate gauge of how our game is being responded to and make adjustments for our final presentation.

Promo Video

We’ve started filming and production of our promotional videos for our website. This video will give outsiders a look into our project in a brief 3 minute short that discusses our project this semester and our process.

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