Issue #1: The New Team

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Starting Off Fall 2012

This week was spent setting up the foundation for this semester’s work on the ENGAGE project. The team set up our office space, exchanged contact information, defined our roles on the project, and had a workshop with our academic partners, the Human Computer Interaction Institute. This workshop served as a way to introduce the new members of the TA-1 team to the TA-2 team and give insight into the assessment process that will be done with the new game built this semester. This workshop also served to inform the TA-1 team what topics are expected to be taught/implemented into this new game.

The new team will be focusing on science content, based on Robert Siegler’s paper about balance, the scientific inquiry process, and socio-emotional learning; specifically asking for help, cooperation, and discussions with others.  While the current game development tool is still being researched, the team is looking into HTML5 compatible game engines to provide the widest range of deployment opportunities for crowdsourcing the game. We’re looking forward to the next week when we nail down our team name as well as start brainstorming possible game ideas for this semester’s development.


The Team

Meng Hui Koh — Producer

Qianru “Sherry” Ma — Programmer

Weichuan “Albert” Tian — Programmer

Jingyi Feng — Designer

Art & Design Consultation

Sean Brice Matthew Champer Samantha Collier

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