Week 14

This week, we have refined and finished the Cozmo World! Yayay!!!!!

We did our final playtest session and learned to iterate for the Softs presentation.

Here are the list of the things that was just added to our current iteration.

  1. Instructions on merry-go-around.
  2. Autonomous mode introduction where Cozmo delivers a pizza and becomes angry with his work. – then the remote control mode starts.
  3. Video introduction to the experience.
  4. – Tips based on Time and Randomness to bring out Cozmo’s character.

   – First 90 seconds -> either 1 or 2

   – Next 30 seconds -> 1

   – Next 30 seconds -> either 0 or 1

  1. – When he is late (last 60 seconds), after dropping the cube, he will first do some animation as if he is trying to impress the person to get more tips. He does this because he knows he is late and trying to cover up.
  2. – When he is done playing arcade or having ice-cream and you take him away, he gets made and says “I want to do fun things”.
  3. – When he has more than 4 (enough to have fun) coins and you still take him to the pizza place, he throws the cube away and either says “I want to Play” or “I don’t want to work”.
  4. Starts with sad song, and gets converted to happy song after 1 fun activity (need sad song).
  5. New Colors on Remote Control UI.
  6. Longer dizziness (Double).
  7. After ice-cream, Cozmo now says Yummy two times. Once before animation and once after.
  8. Implemented 3 types of bell sounds at the arcade game.
  9. Added a sad animation when a pizza becomes too cold and disappears.


We have Softs next Monday and will be finishing up and iterate for the last time based on any necessary changes to our current Cozmo World!