Week 15

This week, we had Soft opening!

From 9am to 4pm, we had various groups of faculty come into our room and check our Cozmo World!

We received a lot of good feedback as well as some minor suggestion to really finish up the experience!

Here are some of the feedback from Soft opening.

  • How can this be 2-player experience?
  • merry -go-round ; nice mixture of physical interaction.
  • Potential for “play set” using customizable buildings and markers.
  • Story & character are communicated.
  • Sugar rush after Cozmo eats 2 icecream? – Cozmo’s speed can increase during sugar rush.
  • SFX when Cozmo spends money needed.
  • Multiple Cozmos could work together as well as competition.
  • Focus from this point should be documentation of the project (Post Mortem).

We will be documenting, finishing, and preparing for the ETC Showcase on 5/3, next Wed.