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Coco & Co’s Way wins Indiecade’s Developer Choice Award

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 posted by Paulwei

Way, a collaborative 2 player puzzle platformer developed at the ETC Silicon Valley campus, was just named Indiecade’s Developer’s Choice Award. Way was developed by the ETC team, Coco & Co (Chris Bell, Walt Destler, Katherine Rubenstein, Hugo Shih, Cynthia Jiang and Paulwei Wang).

The team was at Indiecade 2011 to show support for the game.  The team is excited as winning the award means that you’ve gotten recognition from indie developers everywhere (and even some professional game developers).  There’s even some press about our game.

Nerdreactor puts it as their standout game of Indiecade –

Indie Fix’s Award for Best Damned Co-op of Indiecade –

Turnstyle’s flattering review of Way –

Great review of way (with some awesome comments) –

It’s a great game that’s strictly two player. Why not try it out yourself?

Btw, we rock!  Thanks for all the support from the ETC, ETC alumni and indie developers everywhere.

Coco & Co

Final Presentations – Fall 2010

Friday, December 10th, 2010 posted by carl

Final Presentations were on Wednesday, December 18th to a fantastic turnout of close to 50 guests. This is the teams’ opportunity to show off their final products, talk about the process they went through and share the lessons they learned along the way. Click through below to watch the videos.

Click through to see the videos

Coco & Co at TIGJam 2010

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 posted by Paulwei

Team Coco & Co. was at The Independent Game Jam (TIGJam) this year.

Coco & co at TIGJAM

Coco & co at TIGJAM

If you’re an Indie Game nerd, you would have loved this event. The event housed around 50 indie game developers at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View. Some people had experience and some people were complete newbies. It was a little intimidating going into the game jam. There are all these people that, if you know who they are, they’re indie game superheroes. The first time I saw them, I was totally geeking out. Then you get to know them and really, they’re just regular people like you and me.

Our first day, a stranger sat down across from me, shook my hand and introduced himself as Ron. It wasn’t until later that day that I realized I just shook the hand of Ron Carmel of 2DBoy, the creators of World of Goo.

Other superstars included former ETC Alums, Kyle Gabler, and Kyle Gray. Derek Yu, the creator of Spelunky was also there.

Anyways, we set up shop, we got to work and it was a very productive 4 days. We were able to test our game with some fun people and everyone enjoyed our game once they figured out the mechanics.

Our advisors, Jiyoung and Carl stopped by Friday afternoon to check it out. They stayed for a bit, talked with some people, took some pictures and even got to play a pre-XBLA version of Spelunky before they left.

Aside from the great atmosphere, there were some fun events that happened throughout the jam.

First off, there was a movie being shot while we were Indie Game, the Movie is set to come out sometime next year. Our team was right next to where people were interviewing all these indie developers so you might actually get to see our screens, backs or even faces in the background of the movie.

There were a few nights where we had a single elimination tournament for all to see. The third night was a Madhouse tournament in which Paulwei got into the finals and lost pretty badly. The fourth night was a Nidhogg tournament where Chris got into the finals and lost. These small losses will bring a big win in the near future (fingers crossed).

Every night there were different talks from different developers about what’s on their minds. Scott Anderson talked about getting more people into games. Derek Yu had the same message about being all inclusive and never burning bridges. These were all very off the cuff talks that made it great to hear from all these different people about the industry that they love.

Believe me, making indie games is definitely a labor of love.

Coco & co at TIGJAM

Coco & co at TIGJAM

Coco & co at TIGJAM

Half Presentations – Fall 2010

Monday, October 25th, 2010 posted by carl

Half Presentations on October 21st are done! We had 40 guests in the audience and live demos of two of the projects afterwards for people to play with and give feedback on.

Click through to see the videos

Quarter Presentations – Fall 2010

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 posted by carl

With an unusually large turnout of over 20 guests this early in the semester, the three teams gave their Quarter Presentations today.

Click through to see the videos