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Final Presentations – Spring 2015

Friday, May 8th, 2015 posted by carl

We had a great turnout for Final Presentations with 48 guests in the room, and an additional 25 via Skype from the mothership in Pittsburgh. Each team did a 15 minute presentation with about a five minute Q&A session. The presentations were followed by live demos for guests to play.
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Half Presentations – Spring 2015

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 posted by carl

Our three teams talked about their progress so far at Half Presentations on Wednesday, March 18th. Below are videos of the talks – fifteen minutes each with five minute Q&As.
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Quarter Walkarounds – Spring 2015

Thursday, February 12th, 2015 posted by carl

We changed things up this semester for our quarter presentations and invited guests to visit our team spaces to try out early demos instead of watching formal presentations. A casual buffet lunch was provided, and our visitors walked through brief explanations and demos at their own pace. We shot a first person video of each team to give you a feeling for what the experience was like.

3D Crumbs (Google Tango tablet)

Thunder Egg (EA Connected TV experience)

Illusions (Epson AR glasses)

Team Illusions

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 posted by illusions

Team Illusions aims to bring a new dimension to Augmented Reality by creating a multi-player game using Epson’s Moverio BT-200 glasses.

It is an Augmented Reality experience rather than a Virtual Reality experience that will encourage the players to interact with the real world rather than just with floating screens in-front of them. Players will interact with the environment, with each other and with the virtual objects or characters overlaid into the real world. We aim to engage two or more players in an experience that is unique from what is possible in the real world or on phones/tablets. The game will be able to be played at different locations.

Our aim is to create an engaging experience that is fun, easy to learn, and easy to setup for the audience. This game is unique in its own way because it will use all the advantages of Wearable AR technology to create an Augmented Reality experience.

Team Members: Bo Hsuan Chang, Junyu Chen, Roma Dave, Xuyan Ke, Sai Shashank Kiramkonda

Team Thunder Egg

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 posted by goksugur


Thunder Egg is working with the Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) at Electronic Arts (EA)  to create an innovative gameplay experience for their connected TV platform.

The team is in a unique situation because they are one division of a larger team, collaborating with the other division, Team Legato, located at the Entertainment Technology Center’s Pittsburgh campus.  In total, we are 14 team members working together from opposite ends of the country, but we are connected by our passion to create an exciting and innovative game.

Our mission is to create a multiplayer experience that engages players equally through the smart device they use as a controller, and the action taking place on the TV.

Team Members : Christian Karrs, Goksu Ugur, Jimin Song, Julia Wu, Lilian Qian, Micheal Lee