Elective Classes

Current Issues in Digital Media and Game Design

Offered every semester, we expose the students to the Bay Area entertainment technology industry. Each week, we visit companies in the Bay Area or invite guest speakers from different areas of entertainment technology to come in and give talks. The students have written up articles about each of our classes. You can check them out on our blog.

Entrepreneurship in Entertainment Technology

This course is an introduction to entrepreneurship designed to develop skills related to entrepreneurship and innovation for non-business students. The course assumes no background courses in business and is appropriate for those who are interested in bringing innovations to market either through new companies or existing companies. The course provides an overview of entrepreneurship and innovation, develops an entrepreneurial frame of mind, and provides a framework for taking ideas from concept to launched product. Students work in teams to develop both business and practical skills in areas such as creative development, financial planning and financing, business models, organization structures, and management. The class also includes visits with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. This course is reserved for ETC students attending the ETC-SV campus.

Audio Design

This course teaches students starting from music composition in its most basic form to various sound design techniques applied to games and films industry. Students will learn how to use Logic Pro music software to compose music and design sound.