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May 6th, 2014 posted by keyinw


On Thursday, March 20th, 2014, Lynsay Pearson, who is the lead producer at EA, visited ETC SV campus and gave us a talk about her working experience.


She started as a QA for Sims then joined the production team and worked on Sims 2 and expansions, My Sims and The Sims 3. Now she is at Sims 3 team. She is a very nice and passionate person and she introduced how to be a good producer who is supportive to the team and make teammate work efficiently and effectively. She used to be an artist which help her to understand the development process well and she is very helpful for all the teammates.
In the talk, she introduced what do producers usually do. She also talked about the production team and how the pipeline works plus all the forms of communication between producers, programmers, producers and designers etc. Although Lyndsay didn’t  know much about technical part, she said she learned how to communicate with programmers by asking them politely to explain technical questions in a way that she can easily understand.
Moreover, she talked about how to deal with the conflicts between developers and designers. She said when conflicts appear , for example, when designers design something that is hard to realized for developers or developers don’t implement the game as game designers design, she will work between them and try to make these two roles understand each other and figure out a way to solve problems but ensure the game quality.
The talk was very successful and helpful. Lyndsay was full of energy while speaking and shared us lots of valuable experiences and interesting stories in her work. We harvested a lot and appreciated her very much!

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