Rez Graham

May 8th, 2014 posted by Heather

Rez Graham

On Thursday March 6th we had a special guest speaker from the Sims 4 team come visit us – senior AI programmer, Rez Graham. The talk was an open Q&A session that turned into a discussion about tackling the technical interview. Since he has experience being on both ends of the interview table, he was able to give advice through many humorous yet informative anecdotes. Some tidbits include:

  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s not the end of the world. The interviewer is also looking for how you respond to stress and will sometimes ask questions until you don’t know the answer to see how you’ll handle it. If you get into this situation, a good strategy is to give as much information that you do know about the problem – even if you don’t know the exact solution they’re looking for.
  • The interviewer wants to hire you. They’re as excited about the interview process as you are. They just want to find someone to fill the role they need as quickly as possible so they can finish their project.
  • The interviewer really only wants to know three things about you: are you smart (can you do the job they’re asking you to do), are you passionate (when it get’s to crunch time will you be there making the product the best that it can be), and can they work with you (will having to work with you negatively impact their own work)? The interview usually revolves around determining these three things.

Rez GrahamAfter the Q&A session, Rez stuck around and reviewed everyone’s resume individually. He not only gave constructive feedback on how to improve each resume, but he made a point to find something about their resume that they did well. He also stayed later than intended in order to give everyone’s resume a thorough review. Thanks Rez!


TL;DR: Rez is a senior AI programmer on the Sims 4 team, is creative when it comes to his hair color, and is an all around great human being.

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