Alejendra Soto

Aly is a designer focusing on guest and user experience design. She came to the ETC to learn how to apply her skills and passion for immersive experiences to location-based entertainment.

On the side, she hangs out with friends, takes hikes with her camera, catches up on her video games and fanfiction, and tries different teas.

Current Project: Plastar

Role: UI/UX Designer, Content Writer

3D/2D Art
Concept Art
Texture Artist

Past Projects

  • Code Blue

  • Aristeia

  • Para Productions

Educational History

B.S. Virtual Technology and Design (Minor in Art): University of Idaho, 5/2015

Work History

ETC Library, Student Librarian (Fall, 2016 - Present)____________________ ETC Fall Festival 2016, Guest Experience Designer (Fall, 2016)____________________ I’m Very Into You Pre-show, Guest Experience/UI Designer (Fall, 2016)____________________ Code Blue, UI Designer/Artist/Website Manager (Fall, 2016)____________________ Aristeia, Guest Experience Designer/Researcher/Website Manager (Spring 2016)