Allison Theus

Born and raised in Maryland, Allison is a freelance concept artist. She completed her undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing.

Though capable of doing anything with her art her passion lies in designing original creatures and worlds. Aliens, beasts, and monsters are all within her specialty; she particularly loves twisting anatomy and playing with physiology. In this realm of fantasy and sci-fi she enjoys creating things that could possibly exist: bizarre, exotic animals that could physically work and move in natural ways. She also enjoys coming up with all the details surrounding their strange appearances, why and how things work as they do, and in general creating the weird ecosystems and habitats that they belong to.

Her interest in the entertainment industry has been prevalent since the day she saw Independence Day in seventh grade. Her goal is to do work for both movies and games and to see her creatures come to life on screen.

Educational History

Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing Carnegie Mellon University