Alex Loughran (Alexander)

When I first started thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I chose Fighter Pilot; I was 6 and not really thinking things through (I have terrible vision). But the 5th floor of the ETC is a spaceship bridge so in a sense I've gotten pretty close.

The Fighter Pilot phase didn't last long. I jumbled around with ideas of being a Brigadier General, Architect, or Engineer, until about 9th grade when 'teacher' started to sound more exciting, somehow.

It never occurred to me that film and video game design were possible careers. They always sounded like fantasy, at least until college. I started out as a Education major with a minor in Digital Media. I was thinking art teacher or something of the kind. But that first year, after meeting digital media majors, film majors, and spending most of my time trying to squeeze more and more art and media classes into my schedule, I realized I needed to switch up my goals.

Now I'm neck deep in the the media career track and trying, always, to get further.

Current Project: Project Spearhead

Role: Producer/Designer

Educational History

Film and Digital Media Production Juniata College

Work History

Amalgamedia Director Spring 2013   Project Spearhead Producer/Designer Fall 2013