Andrew Edwards

Born and raised in the rural town of Clinton, South Carolina, Andrew spent his spare time playing video games and drawing superheroes. During high school found an interest in developing projects outside of the usual guidelines. His book reports were turned in as short films and even pieces of artwork.

Although he was originally accepted into Clemson University's mechanical engineering program, Andrew requested a change of major to Architecture before he reached the campus, in order to focus on 3D design. While in school he was given the opportunity to participate in numerous building design projects ranging from homeless shelters, hospitals, and libraries, to newly proposed vertical farms for urban environments. He even explored computer science and programming. Andrew became fascinated when he realized architecture was not limited to just building but also included the design of products, furniture, exhibitions, graphics, and websites.

In his junior year, Andrew discovered the ETC and found that the program had the only curriculum that satisfied his desire to balance both art and technical design. Andrew aims to gain knowledge of all areas from programming to art in hopes to increase his ability to innovate and communicate in the entertainment industry.

Educational History

B.A. Architecture, Geography Minor Clemson University